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Our Story

La Comida is a Mexican restaurant with Mexican food and American rock. A sensory departure from reality with spice, sound, color and the warmth of tequila at the back of your throat. In the spirit of downtown Las Vegas, this venture takes a familiar favorite and twists it in unexpected and irreverent ways, as Jenna and Michael Morton are known to do, indulging both the simple taco lover and the mole connoisseur.

With a 7-foot tall pink neon monkey clinging to the rooftop signaling the entrance down the back alley, La Comida is both edgy and enticing. The space encompasses 3000 feet of indoor space with an additional 500 feet of patio seating on Sixth Street. The décor is rustic Mexican chic imbuing comfort, camaraderie and rocking energy. Traditional Mexican materials and motifs combine with contemporary design elements to create an innocent anti-establishment feel with a nod to the 20th Century Mexican intellectual movement. Richly colored textiles compliment custom crafted ceramic tiles and iron gating. Sumptuous tufted banquettes juxtapose with distressed wooden tables and floors to invite guests to raise a glass of the best tequila in honor of their favorite revolutionary.

A similar energy carries through to the food. La Comida serves a chef-driven menu with traditional favorites like Mexican street corn and tortilla soup and elevates them with choices like Puerco Ahumado and Pollo al Horno baked in a parchment bag, opened tableside. Combining the flavors and aromas of ancho chiles, tomatillo, roasted garlic, cilantro, charred onions, queso, jalepeno and lime gives a rich and wild image of the restaurant as a whole.

With over 100 tequilas on our list, there is a toast to match every flavor, as well for a stand-alone celebration, not that tequila ever stands alone. Add a horde of comarades and a riff of American rock and the experience is complete—both intensely vigorous and purely comfortable.

Everything about this venue is richer than reality, more vibrant colors, the sexy rhythm of the music, powerful flavors and aromas from the food, tequila with almost palpable essence. At once wild and deeply satisfying, this venue is an experience rich enough to immerse yourself in. We will even tie a red string around your finger so that when you return to the real world you will know it wasn’t a dream.

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